10.4. - 12.4.2019


Matching the brightest minds with the most exciting challenges of companies, the city and researchers.

April 10-12 in Tellus Innovation Arena, University of Oulu

sOULUtions is a 3-day hackathon in which participants look for new perspectives and solutions for the challenges of companies, the city and researchers.  The event brings people together to work on real-life challenges.

sOULUtions is both in Finnish and English. Join alone and form a team at the event or come as a team!

Skills are built, not born.

Skills need to be practiced outside classrooms. In a new environment with team members from different backgrounds you’ll learn more than you could from a month of reading. Plus, it’s going to be so much fun!

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5 credits

Students will get 5 credits for participating and writing a short report after the event.


Matchmaking with employees

You’ll make your own skills and attitude visible to prospective employees and improve your chances of getting a summer job, internship or a great job in the future.


Open for everyone

Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, working, an entrepreneur, or seeking a job - sOULUtions is open for everyone to participate in.

The event is entirely free, and some food will be provided.

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